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What is a Paralyzer™ or What are Spiderlings™? 

Glad you asked...Here is what the dictionary says..

Par·a·lyzers™        [par-uh-lahyzer] Pronunciation Key - Show IPA Pronunciation -verb 
(used with object), -lyzed, -lyz·ing, -lyz·er, -lyz·ers. As in YOU have been PARALYZED! - Internationally Trademarked and Now Heavier - Harder - and Hotter than ever!

An [Official] fan or follower of The Paralyzers™ is referred to as a "Spiderling"

1. To affect with paralysis - (Sometimes caused by the bite of a Black Widow Spider or Spiderling!)
2. To bring to a condition of helpless stoppage, inactivity, or inability to act: They were paralyzed in their tracks and HAD to hear more ROCK!
3. Highly gifted, inspired, and dedicated teen musicians from So Cal that love to ROCK!!

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